Our buyers’ guide to the best of the sale

Discover our experts’ picks of the best sale investments to make this season

Words: Chekii Harling

To help you steer clear of those ‘what was I thinking?’ impulsive sale purchases (we've all been there), our in-house fashion buying experts have hand-picked their favourite pieces that are set to become your future wardrobe treasures. Whether you’re looking for a leather bag that’ll last a lifetime or on a mission to find everyday upgrades that transcend fleeting trends, our buyers’ summer sale picks and tips offer an insider guide to a more consciously curated
(not to mention pocket-friendly) wardrobe. Enjoy!




Choose patterns that are chic and timeless, such as leopard print and polka dot, while investing in fabrics that can endure multiple cleans and still look new.

– Jeannie Lee (Head of Buying, Womenswear)

When it comes to canny sale tactics, sometimes it’s not about heading for the show-stopping pieces that you might only wear a few times, but more about the luxurious upgrades you can make on your everyday style. “A well-made T-shirt is an all-year-round essential,” says Poppy Lomax, our Women’s Studio Buying Manager. “This sale, I’ve chosen both loud graphic tees by Off-White and minimal designs by Vince and James Perse.” Taking advantage of the humble T-shirt’s versatile qualities, Jeanie Lee, Head of Womenswear Buying, will be wearing hers with high-rise shorts and floaty skirts (this season’s collections were a winner for romantic silhouettes). Alternatively, look to the future, like our Accessories Buying Manager Josie Gardner, who will be investing in summer dresses and wardrobe staples for the cooler seasons. “You can find some great winter buys in the summer sale – I’m on the lookout for a pair of timeless black boots and a well-cut coat.” Kudos to your sartorial planning, Josie.



A well-made T-shirt is an all-year-round essential.

– Poppy Lomax (Buying Manager, Womenswear)




This summer, I’ll be investing in light outerwear made by labels that have mastered the balance between luxury and longevity.

– Jack Cassidy (Head of Menswear Buying)

This season, our Head Menswear Buyer, Jack Cassidy, has his eye on pieces that transcend the seasons. “There’s always room in my wardrobe for casual tailoring that can be worn all year round,” says Jack. “Also, you can never go wrong with heritage brands; I’ll be investing in light outerwear made by labels that have mastered the balance between luxury and longevity.” On the other hand, Menswear Buying Manager Ben Hurren has a more specific focus, revealing the importance of making sale choices that will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe: “With summer just around the corner, I’ll be purchasing a pair of printed shorts to wear with a dark shirt and my 1960s watch.”



I’m on the lookout for easy-to-layer sweaters and sharp shirts to complete my everyday wardrobe.

– Luke Mountain (Buying Manager, Menswear)

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This summer sale, I’ll be investing in straight-cut jeans for a forever-cool 90s vibe.

– Jeannie Lee (Head of Buying, Womenswear)

Keen to meet your match after searching high and low for the perfect pair of jeans? The wait is over. Whether you’re seeking a beautiful boot-cut or eager to experiment with high-rise cropped pairs, the summer sale is your chance to invest in long-lasting denim jeans that won’t need repairing in the near future. For a glam, 1970s feel, slip into flared jeans, as advised by Poppy Lomax: "There’s so much longevity in this trend: flared jeans can be dressed up and down, while also elongating your legs – which is an added bonus for me!” Ben Hurren is on the lookout for denim pieces with fine stitching and jeans that he can wear with everything. “I’m investing in a structured denim jacket to wear with vintage Ray-Bans and my favourite designer sneakers,” he explains. 



I’m taking the opportunity this sale to invest in a new pair of high-quality black denim jeans that I can wear with everything.

– Ben Hurren (Buying Manager, Menswear and Technology)




Go for reliable accessories that you can wear every summer – sandals, swimwear and straw hats are my go-tos.

– Josie Gardner (Buying Manager, Accessories)

Every year, the most sought-after items in our sale are those that add a finishing touch to your outfit. Accessories Buying Manager Jose Gardner shares why accessories are such a wise sale investment: “During the sale, I always buy an accessory or two to wear at special events. They breathe new life into existing looks to keep you looking fresh, time and time again.” Her top tip? “Go for reliable accessories that you can wear every summer – sandals, swimwear and straw hats are my go-tos.” Looking to treat a loved one? Our Director of Accessories, Eleanor Robinson, is excited to purchase pieces that are real treasures of our store. “This sale, I’m looking for timeless pieces of jewellery to gift to my friends and family throughout the year. There are always some breathtaking bargains!” Whether you’re browsing for miniature bags or lusting over loafers, the Selfridges Summer Sale is the perfect time to find prized items that you’ll love for ever. 



Think about what you would usually spend on a bag or a pair of shoes at full price. The sale is an opportunity to shop brands that would otherwise be out of your price bracket.

– Eleanor Robinson (Director of Accessories)