In Conversation With…


We spoke to one of the fashion world’s most radical creatives and asked ‘what are we fighting for?’

Words: Jacob Corner


Selfridges has collaborated with all kinds of creatives, but none of them have been quite like Michèle Lamy. The gothic high priestess of fashion is one of a kind, and seeing her gliding around our shop floor, decked out in her heavy jewellery, henna and tattoos, is like seeing someone from a different dimension who has crossed over into ours.


Many people may know her as Rick Owens’ wife and muse, but to us, she is a creative powerhouse in her own right, a visionary who has found success in everything from furniture design to food. She has been a part of our circle of collaborators for years, and in 2018 that relationship spawned Lamyland, an experimental space in our Corner Shop at Selfridges London that used boxing as a metaphor to explore wider cultural, spiritual and social questions.


So, when Michèle started talking to us about the theme of ‘what are we fighting for?’, we knew we had to share it with you. Last week, we hosted her and our Executive Director Sebastian Manes on our Instagram for a wide-ranging and endlessly fascinating ‘In Conversation With…’ that you can now watch below:

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