4–30 April 2022

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most pioneering brands to create an experimental concept store that reimagines what shopping could look like in the future…


Words: Chekii Harling



4–30 April 2022

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s most pioneering brands to create an experimental concept store that reimagines what shopping could look like in the future…


Words: Chekii Harling

As we continue to experiment with innovative ways of reinventing retail, we’re inviting you to play with possible futures and explore new ways of being that are kinder on the planet. Enter SUPERMARKET: an experimental concept store in The Corner Shop at Selfridges London with 3D-printing robots creating everything from juicy plant-based steaks to lightweight handbags and recycled plastic furniture on demand.


Alongside brands pioneering scientific solutions with diamonds and perfume made from captured CO2 and those harnessing the power of nature with plant-based leather accessories, the SUPERMARKET also introduces new ownership concepts with alternative jewellery pricing models and exclusive NFT digital artworks available to purchase in store.


To celebrate this first-of-its-kind concept store, we passed the mic to our future generations to quiz several brand founders on their processes and ideas. Come and meet our cast of curious interviewers and shop the brands designing for a brighter, more planet-friendly future.

Please note, not all brands in SUPERMARKET are available online due to the on-demand nature of the products. Visit The Corner Shop at Selfridges London for the full experience.


From homeware made from recycled ocean plastic to handbags crafted using the leaves of the pineapple plant, explore our guide to some of our favourite pioneers in SUPERMARKET.


Founded by the pioneering, award-winning product designer Cyrill Gutsch, Parley for the Oceans is a global network of creatives and activists united by a mission to end marine plastic pollution in the oceans. Taking centre stage in our Oxford Street window, their Parley Blueprint Module will be using an industrial 3D printer to create on-demand furniture and objects from marine plastic debris that are available to purchase on a made-to-order basis.


Designed to be used as a tool to turn local plastic pollution into local community opportunities and useful objects, the Parley Blueprint Module can print on demand anywhere in the world while also reducing carbon emissions from the import and export of waste. We spoke to Cyrill Gutsch to find out more about his mission to save the oceans and his Clean Waves recycled marine plastic eyewear brand here.



Born from the need to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from our polluted skies, the world-renowned entrepreneur and environmentalist Dale Vince came up with the idea for Skydiamonds when thinking about how to capture and store carbon dioxide in its most permanent form. 


The process of extracting CO2 from the atmosphere and transforming it into diamonds took five years’ research and development to complete, while wind and sun power the production process and the only water used is captured rain. This process now takes place at the brand’s sky mining facility in the Cotswolds, UK.


Through this innovation, the brand has shown that diamonds – the ultimate luxury – can be created without engaging in the environmentally and socially damaging process of mining the earth. 



Led by a global community of designers, artists, scientists and environmentalists who seek to connect the dots between nature, design and culture, Space Available is a Bali-based label with a goal to design a more sustainable future. Adhering to the motto ‘radical upcycling’, the design studio repurposes plastic waste from landfills and local beaches in Indonesia to create homewares and clothing – cue stand-out pieces in striking colours and marbled surfaces.


Most recently, Space Available ventured into the digital sphere with a collection of NFTs titled ‘Plastic People’, which are available to purchase in store at the Selfridges Corner Shop. ​With each purchase of a Space Available Plastic People NFT, customers also receive a unique physical sculpture made from recycled plastic and 100% of the profits support the clean-up of Indonesia’s oceans, rivers, and landfills.  



Designed to strengthen your immunity and help you feel calm and focused, DIRTEA creates pure, potent super-mushroom extract powders that give you a powerful form of natural energy. The hand-crafted powders are produced in the hardwood forests of Fujian by a family that has spent more than six lifetimes perfecting their craft. Founded by brothers Andrew and Simon Salter, the vegan brand promotes the cognitive, neurological and health benefits of mushroom powders, which can easily be consumed in hot water, coffee, hot chocolate or a smoothie. Try some out for yourself at home.




Luxury accessories brand MĀRĪCĪ combines heritage craft with innovative technology to create timeless, practical pieces designed to be passed down through generations. Created by master artisans in Venice, Italy, the brand’s accessories are handmade exclusively from Piñatex. This soft-yet-durable vegan material is made using the leaves of pineapple plants that would otherwise be discarded in the harvest to produce a more planet-friendly alternative to toxic animal and plastic-based leathers. Once the leaves have been stripped to create Piñatex pineapple leather, the leftover fibres can be used as a nutrient-rich natural fertiliser or a biofuel, so nothing is wasted.​


Founded by two sisters with a shared passion for innovation in design, Touchless creates beautiful, shimmering 3D-printed handbags that look as if they might float away. In addition to the ready-made pieces that are available to purchase in a range of colourways and silhouettes here online (coming soon), you can witness the 3D-printing process taking shape with handbag pattern pieces created on demand in SUPERMARKET. You can also design your very own handbag with a range of custom colourways and silhouettes available for order.


London-based jewellery designer Zoe Sherwood creates these sculptural 3D-printed accessories from recycled fishing nets. Words and phrases feature heavily as motifs in her work, creating stories and visual patterns while spreading messages of self-care, self-empowerment and love. Celebrating togetherness and community, the pieces available to purchase here include everything from ‘Peace’ hairclips to ‘Earth & Save’ earrings.



Founded by siblings Nanna and Simon Wick, (di)vision is a Denmark-based fashion brand working with pre-existing materials to create unisex collections with a DIY aesthetic. Based on the philosophy ‘to create from what already is’, the brand’s work is a reaction to the relentless overproduction in the fashion industry with reconstructed one-off pieces made locally in the (di)vision studio in a small city just outside Copenhagen. Look out for their upcycled bomber jackets and two-tone tops.



New York-based genderless brand Private Policy focuses on the connection between fashion and personal beliefs while taking inspiration from a different socio-political topic each season. The brand has developed an outerwear line made using BIO SOUL, a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic-based nylons, featuring jackets with elastic waistbands and reflective silver details.




From otherworldly ideas to cutting-edge solutions – join us to imagine what the future could be…