17 October - 24 December 2019

FAO Schwarz Toyshop events at Selfridges London

Discover a children’s fantasy world of extraordinary in-store entertainment this festive season at our shiny brand-new Toyshop on 4. Yes, the iconic FAO Schwarz has officially opened in Selfridges Oxford Street, London, and we’re ready to treat youngsters (and the young at heart) to some amazing festive experiences…


Story time with Mrs Claus

When: 12–1pm, every Saturday from 7 to 21 December

Where: FAO Schwarz Toyshop on 4

Once upon a time in a land not so far away,
A group of children gather round for story time each day.
They all sit down to listen and they can’t believe their eyes,
As Mrs Claus reads tales like Paddington and the Christmas Surprise.

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Music Maestro piano lessons

When: Time slots bookable (click below for details)

Where: FAO Schwarz Toyshop on 4

Tickets: Complimentary for a 15-minute express lesson, £20 for a 1-hour lesson

Remember the movie Big and his giant piano?
We’ve brought it to life for you, maestro!
So come to Selfridges and stomp on the keys;
You’ll learn to play tunes that are sure to please.

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Santa plays the Big Piano

When: 2pm, 2 to 22 December

Where: FAO Schwarz Toyshop on 4

Because there is nothing that Santa can’t do,
We asked him to play a Christmas song or two.
Watch the master as he jumps the Big Piano,
And even learn the ropes – you could become a pro.


Carol singers

When: 12–1pm every Sunday, 8 to 22 December

Where: FAO Schwarz Toyshop on 4

As you try to find the perfect toy,
Imagining which will bring the joy,
You’ll hear pitch-perfect carol singers,
Also known as festive joy bringers.


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