06 - 13 June, 2019

Self Discoveries: top five unsung sustainable heroes at Selfridges

From our yellow bags containing recycled coffee cups to 100% green electricity, here are five behind-the-scenes ways that we’re making our products and operations better for people and the planet.

Our iconic yellow bags contain 20% recycled coffee cups 

In 2017, we pioneered a new award-winning process called Cupcycling. The magic happens at James Cropper Paper Mill in Cumbria, where so far over 4.1-million coffee cups have been recycled to make our iconic yellow carrier bags. That’s a whole lotta lattes.

We're buying better

We introduced the Buying Better labelling scheme to make it easier for our customers and buyers to identify products that are better for the planet. If a product uses organic cotton, saves water or supports British Makers, you’ll find the Buying Better label on the item in store and online. “Our buyers are always looking to identify eligible products for our suite of labels, which will be expanding later this year,” says Rachel Hammond, Selfridges Ethical Trade Manager. “If you mention certified organic or cruelty-free for example, our buyers are all ears!” This is part of our commitment to ensure that by 2022, 50% of the products we sell are better for people and the planet.

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Less waste, more taste

We work with City Harvest to ensure that fresh leftover food from our Foodhall and restaurants go to organisations that feed hungry mouths. Plus, look out for our Less Waste, More Taste logo in our Foodhalls and restaurants, which highlights items that have been made using surplus food. You have to try our delicious Brass Rail scotch egg, made using offcuts of salt beef and yesterday’s rye bread for crumbs. Yum!

Our energy

We are powered by 100% green electricity in all our stores and offices and continue to look out for ways to reduce our emissions. Did you know that Selfridges was the first department store in the UK to be awarded the Carbon Trust Triple Standard back in 2014? And we haven’t stopped since – retaining this standard to this day by consistently reducing our carbon emissions and water use and improving our waste management.

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Our people

For us sustainability isn’t just a ‘nice to do’, it’s simply the way we want to work – our team members are a dynamic and creative bunch with plenty to say. They drive our two main communities, The Green Warriors (over 200 team members from across the business who come up with new ideas to make our business more sustainable and help communicate key initiatives) and our Buying Better Network (individuals from our Buying team who drive sustainability when working with our brand partners). #dreamteams

The Green Warriors drive change across the business by identifying changes they can make to their own part of the operation. It is their enthusiasm and creativity that has sparked so many of our initiatives.

Abby Chicken, Sustainability Manager