21 October, 2019

Visit our brand new confectionery space

Big news for sweet lovers (in other words, everyone): our confectionary space in Selfridges London has moved from G to LG. And that’s not all: our all-new and bigger-than-ever space features more than 1500 sweets and chocolates! Encompassing everything from a chocolate library to an old-school Pick ‘n’ Mix counter, there are lots of fun and games to be had with the kids too. Roll up, roll up!

Sweets for my sweets:

The Flavour Funfair

Head to our kiosk in the middle of the space for takeovers from your favourite confectionery brands. One you've made a purchase, press a button to win a delicious prize. From 1 November to 15 November find an exclusive takoever from Tony Chocolonely, followed by Baci (16 November to 24 November) – sweet and simple. 

Chocolate Library

Stocked to the brim with every flavour chocolate you can imagine. It’s a collection even Willy Wonka would be envious of.

Vegan Chocolatier

Help the planet without compromising your love of velvety chocolate goodness.

Molina pick ‘n’ mix counter

For die-hard confec-fans, throw it back to your school days with a pick ‘n’ mix counter your childhood self could only ever imagine.