06 May, 2019

Selfridges says goodbye to palm oil in own label range

We’re happy to announce that we are now completely palm-oil free across all 280 products in our Selfridges Selection range. As part of our Buying Better, Inspiring Change initiative (read more about that here), we’ve been working hard to develop palm-oil-free recipes for our own label products.

Why? The growing demand for palm oil (it’s currently found in 50 percent of all supermarket products) is contributing to huge deforestation of irreplaceable rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia. In fact, according to the Indonesian government, an area almost the same size as the UK has been destroyed over the past couple of decades. That’s the equivalent of a football pitch every 25 seconds, with devastating impact to the habitat of endangered species like the orangutan.

 “We believe that until certified palm oil guarantees zero deforestation, our customers should be given the option to buy palm-oil-free products,” says Simon Forster, Managing Director of Selfridges. “We’re delighted to be able to offer this through our own label.”

Our favourite palm-oil-free products

For the perfect gift or treat for yourself, discover our completely palm-oil-free Selfridges Selection range in store and online now.