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New year. New decade. New ideas.

As part of our explorations into positive ideas for the new year (not to mention decade) ahead, we joined Photographer and Film Director Jin Jia Ji for a very special Chinese New Year celebration, discovering how his friends from the worlds of music, dance, literature and art find happiness in their everyday.

Meet the creatives from our film and find out what happiness means to them...


Zhao Liang, Choreographer

Craig Green – jacket (coming soon) and shorts / TooGood – shirt / Pantharella – socks / Bottega Veneta – shoes (available in store) / Jewellery – talents’ own

Zhao Liang is an internationally renowned and award-winning contemporary dancer, choreographer and director. His work explores Chinese traditions and cultures through modern dance.  

Q: What is it about performing that makes you happy?


A: I get the greatest sense of achievement when my work gets premiered; it’s when I feel most connected with my work. It’s the same as love at first sight, when you see that person for the first time. The moment when everything comes together after long periods of preparation – from the stage, to the lights, to the actors – it can be very powerful and emotional; the ideas within you coming alive.

Yang Zi, Poet

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Yang Zi is a poet and art teacher based in Beijing. 

Q: What's your happiest memory?


A: Some of my happiest memories are from when I lived in the Gannan Tibetan area. During that time, I lived in the mountains, collecting flowers and humming songs under a blue sky. It was a true delight that refreshed my heart and spirit. It’s hard to put into words the happiness I felt back then – it was way beyond the simple term of ‘happy’.

Chen Zhou, Artist

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Chen Zhou is a digital and video artist whose work revolves around the idea of deconstructing restrictive labels and the freedom of the undefined. His work has been exhibited at White Cube Hong Kong and Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, among others.  

Q: What do you do to lift your mood?


A: Every day, the first thing I do is energise myself, to start my work with a feeling of excitement. I like to just sit still – it gives me a great sense of contentment. Whenever I feel sad or down, I simply sit and contemplate. This year, I hope I can finish and release my new comedy feature film.

Cha Cha Yehaiyahan, Musician

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Cha Cha Yehaiyahan is a musician, producer and singer-songwriter. Cutting her teeth in the underground music scene in Shanghai, her sound has evolved in the 10 years she’s been creating and performing, moving through hip-hop and soul to experimental dub and bass music. 

Q: What are your happiness goals for the year ahead?


A: Music gives me the greatest joy and satisfaction. This year, I want to create more music and play shows in more places. I have several new singles and music videos to be released this year, and some collaborations with friends are also underway...

Meet the director, Jin Jia Ji 

The director and photographer for our campaign, Jin Jia Ji, has previously worked with fashion and culture publications ‘T Magazine’, ‘Modern Weekly’ and ‘Kinfolk’, among others. His creative inspiration stems from finding the interesting ‘little things’ in life, and framing intriguing stories using rich colour and emotional connections. He was shortlisted for the 2018 Global Fashion Awards Creatives by the British Fashion Council.

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