Enter 2021’s treasure trove of vintage styles

Delve into our experts’ pick of the latest pre-loved, archive and upcycled pieces


Enter 2021’s treasure trove of vintage styles

Delve into our experts’ pick of the latest pre-loved, archive and upcycled pieces

Words: Thea Bichard

Here at Selfridges, we’re always on the look out for the best pre-loved, archive and upcycled pieces that have been cherry-picked from the world’s greatest collectors, helping you to make your wardrobe not just more earth-conscious, but totally distinctive. Launched last year as part of Project Earth, RESELFRIDGES provides a new way to buy (and sell) covetable, authenticated fashion and accessories. And this year, it gets even bigger and better. Read on to discover the latest additions to our earth-conscious edit, glean vintage shopping tips from new-to-Selfridges brand Beyond Retro, and explore the other ways we’re reinventing retail via rent, repair and refill. Now, let’s take a look at what’s (not-so) new for 2021...

Left: dress available to rent from HURR
Right: JACQUEMUS bag available to rent from HURR / Photography by Arnaud Lajeunie
Above: dress available to rent from HURR
Below: JACQUEMUS bag available to rent from HURR / Photography by Arnaud Lajeunie


This year, our discerning fashion magpies (aka the Selfridges Buying team) have focused on finding exclusive, earth-conscious treasures curated by gurus of pre-loved and iconic fashion brands who have raided their archives. Authorised Vintage styles from Levi’s and EB Denim’s vintage jeans are a more planet-friendly alternative to water-guzzling new denim, and vintage costume jewellery from Jennifer Gibson and Susan Caplan is further proof that certain pieces never go out of style. London-based Beyond Retro has also just joined our roster of brands specialising in sourcing pre-loved pieces – read their tips further down the page for finding vintage treasures…

Back to the future


1/Off does a masterful job of taking iconic pieces – from Chanel tweed jackets to Burberry trenches – and making them effortless, fresh and cool, while EB denim brings quintessential LA cool to London. Does it get any better than that?

– Jeannie Lee (Head of Buying, Womenswear)

Upcycled garments, created for the RechargeX7 by Yasmin Sewell project / Photography by Simonas Berukstis


Ordinarily, tartan blankets, silk offcuts, postal bags and tents don’t feature in fashion edits. But consider the design nous of Rave Review, who transforms blankets into tailoring; Labrum London’s work with deadstock fabrics, and Yasmin Sewell’s unique project with Westminster University fashion students – these creatives are among our ever-growing roster of brands transforming deadstock fabrics, pre-loved clothes and end-of-life materials: each of their meticulously crafted garments tells a unique story. We spoke to a few of the innovative designers behind the pieces you see below – read more here.

Style, transformed

Left: Pre-loved styles by Levi’s Authorised Vintage / Photography by Arnaud Lajeunie
Right: upcycled garments, created for the RechargeX7 by Yasmin Sewell project / Photography by Simonas Berukstis
Above: Pre-loved styles by Levi’s Authorised Vintage / Photography by Arnaud Lajeunie
Below: upcycled garments, created for the RechargeX7 by Yasmin Sewell project / Photography by Simonas Berukstis


Beyond Retro’s Retail Director, Kate Peters, shares her advice for finding the perfect pre-loved pieces


Vintage inspires the trends... so buy the originals!

Fashion looks to the past to be inspired and come up with new ways of styling, but you can always find the original pieces in vintage fashion. We curate our products to reflect the trends of now, pulling in unique pieces that designers are influenced by today to give you a chance to tap into the trends without looking the same as everyone else.


Know your sizing!

The fun of vintage is that every single piece is unique. When shopping in store, try as much as you can on, or measure the garments on the hanger. When shopping for vintage online, measurements will always be listed, so you can check the fit before you buy. Plus, you can always tailor them to make them even better, especially if you don’t want the dream piece to get away.


Forget rules; if it makes you happy, wear it!

Be creative – try out new things, embrace different silhouettes, mix-and-match colours, play with eras; it’s all about finding pieces that you will love. By shopping vintage, you can delve into any style, knowing that each piece is one-of-a-kind and saved from landfill, so you’re helping the planet while giving something a new home in your wardrobe.


Keep an eye out for the details

We only pick one item out of every thousand to add to our vintage collection. Every piece is handpicked because it’s special – keep an eye out for collars, buttons, embroidery, fabric; it’s not always the most obvious elements of the garment that showcase their story and make them stand out.


Look out for what you love

For those who might feel overwhelmed by the myriad of options, look out for what you love! You can easily spot colours, textures, prints, fabrics, or even brands that you know you like and use these as a starting point to discover the unique vintage out there. 

Pre-loved pieces curated by Beyond Retro



We’ve teamed up with HURR to curate covetable, low-commitment fashion and accessories that you can rent for special occasions (or simply as a treat). It’s a way to continually transform your wardrobe while helping to protect the planet.


To help save on packaging waste, we’ve introduced refillable options for a whole host of beauty favourites and essentials for your home – from Le Labo fragrance and Hermès lipsticks to laundry detergent. No more running on empty.

Sell your pre-loved accessories with us

Our pioneering new RESELFRIDGES service gives you the chance to sell your pre-loved bags in exchange for credits to spend at or in store.


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