On Ear Headphones

If you’re seeking immersive sound, nothing compares to the sonic power of on-ear headphones. Fitted with cushions that sit snugly on your ears, they’re engineered to erase background noise and deliver flawless, uninterrupted sound. Our cutting-edge collection is sourced from world-leading tech brands and comprises models for every purpose, from fine-tuning music tracks in the studio to late-night gaming sessions with friends.

Whatever you’re listening to, you shouldn’t settle for less than functional, high-fidelity sound that lets you hear every detail. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of the best on-ear headphones available, equipped with pioneering features like enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, long-lasting wireless batteries and state-of-the-art drivers, providing pitch-perfect tonal balance and booming bass that transports you straight to the source.

Intelligent and adaptive, our on-ear headphones acclimatise to ever-changing environments, making them essential to dynamic lifestyles. Turn on total noise cancelling to tune out the discordant din of the underground so that you can hear every word of audiobooks, songs, and podcasts with crystal-clear clarity. And when you emerge into the cacophonous city streets, switch on transparency mode to let dialled-down ambient sound filter through, like passing cars and construction sites, and remain aware of your surroundings as you listen.

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43/43 results
43/43 results