Trip Drinks & Cbd Oils

Whether you're a CBD (cannabidiol) novice or aficionado, find some calm amid the chaos with Trip's CBD-infused drinks and oils – easy and delicious ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD. 

Trip was founded by husband-and-wife duo Olivia Ferdi and Dan Khoury in 2019. The couple loved hemp-derived CBD oils and took them regularly, but they hated the bitter taste. So, they left their careers to create a CBD beverage and oil brand that suited both their lifestyles and tastebuds, and now you can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Discover Trip's vegan CBD-infused drinks and oils in a range of irresistible flavours – lab-tested by third parties to provide the highest purity. If you're dealing with a stressful work week or are unwinding before bed, these products contain premium CBD and natural adaptogens without any high-inducing THC, making them the ideal way to find your balance. Trip's bestselling oils are also infused with chamomile, which can help calm the mind, aid digestion and lessen menstrual pain for women. Choose between strengths and mouth-watering flavours such as wild mint and orange blossom. Next time you have friends over, opt for Trip's infused CBD drinks for an alternative to alcohol or even as a mixer.

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4/4 results
4/4 results
project earth icon TRIP: Orange Blossom CBD oil 1000mg 15ml
project earth icon TRIP: Wild mint CBD oil 300mg 15ml
project earth icon TRIP: Wild Mint CBD oil 1000mg 15ml
project earth icon TRIP: Orange Blossom CBD oil 300mg 15ml
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