Tired of having bad hair days? Aquis is here to make them a thing of the past. Understanding that your hair is at its weakest when it's wet, Aquis has reinvented hair care with innovative products that maximise water absorption to keep your hair healthy. The brand's clever hair towels were designed to speed up the tiresome process of drying your hair while also protecting your locks. 

Made using a special microfibre called Aquitex, which is woven in ultrafine fibres that wick away water while remaining gentle, the towels are ideal for delicate hair. They minimise friction for less frizz and damage. Alongside its game-changing towels, the brand has also launched a range of Aquis hair turbans that are proving just as popular.

Compared with the typical scenario of vigorously rubbing hair with a regular towel, the brand's hair turbans dry it up to 50% more quickly despite the gentle touch. In turn, they cause less distress, resulting in fewer split ends, less breakage and overall healthier looking hair. All of this means more gloss, greater shine and fewer trips to the salon. That's a result and a philosophy we can definitely get on board with.

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