For more sustainable sipping, look no further than Corkcicle. Its team of scientists and designers are leading the revolution in environmentally friendly drinkware, creating innovative products for everyday use.

If you’re keen to reduce your plastic footprint, a Corkcicle bottle is one way to lend a hand. Its signature thermal canteens are made from stainless steel and boast hefty insulation layers to keep your cold fruit juice – or hot green tea – at just the right temperature. Hybrid models using glass and metal are a design-led way to meet hydration needs. 

Across the range at Selfridges, you’ll find a rainbow of cheerful colours. Opt for vibrant hues to boost your mood every time you pull your bottle out of your bag – or neutrals for those delicate mornings that call for a subdued drinking companion. Check out the multiple size options and choose one to fit your lifestyle – not to mention your caffeine requirements.

Corkcicle's drinkware accessories are another of its eco-innovations and make thoughtful gifts, too. Reusable straws have been carefully designed for functionality and hygiene, giving you a handy way to avoid single-use implements while out and about. And this brand's ethical credentials run deeper than its product line. Thanks to charity initiatives that span the globe, each Corkcicle item purchased helps bring clean water to those in need. What's not to love?

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