Soak up the energy-amplifying and healing properties of a Vyrao perfume. Vyrao founder Yasmin Sewell is trained in Integrative Quantum Medicine and Reiki massage. She launched the brand in 2021 to marry her beauty expertise with her passion for wellness. The label's luxury fragrances are crafted carefully to conjure a spirit of positivity and optimism.

Designed to support and uplift your mental and physical health, Vyrao's healing perfumes are blended from some of the most potent natural aromas. Earthy frankincense or spicy nutmeg are often found at the base of these multifaceted scents, with top notes of smoky cedarwood and vetiver to bring grounding and balance. You'll also find zesty citrus and black pepper, alongside delicate florals and refreshing fruity hints. Vyrao bottles its alluring fragrances in decorative packaging that's fully recyclable and includes an ethically-sourced Herkimer diamond crystal in every vessel. These sparkling precious gems are charged by the brand’s own quantum energist, with each jewel said to encourage and amplify spiritual energies.

While nurturing your inner well-being, these fragrances help you do your bit for others too. Keep an eye out for our Project Earth label while you're browsing

– it helps you pick out products from supply chains that prioritise community and worker well-being.

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