Take a deep breath of the intoxicating aromas from 19-69, a label that "bottles counter-culture". The enticing perfumes come from the creative mind of Swedish artist John Bergelin, who recognises the importance of collaboration when seeking opinions from creators around the world. The result is a diverse range of bold unisex scents. You'll find references to rebellious streaks of history, with names across the collection that refer to iconic cultural moments and places. 

When it comes to the 19-69 perfumes on offer, perhaps you'll go for the spiced mix of Italian bergamot with hints of the hemp plant. For a light and airy fragrance, look to options with notes of green cactus and vetiver. Then there are warming bouquets with patchouli – a scent that brings back the jam sessions and spirited protests of the 70s. 

19-69 fragrances come in visually arresting rainbow-bright flacons. These glass receptacles, screen-printed in Italy, express the artisanal nature of the label. We love the minimalist designs that each bear the name of the product in stamped form. If you're searching for something to create ambience at home, look to hand-poured candles made with vegetable wax. They're set in vibrant containers that will add a dash of contemporary styling to your abode.

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