Attico Womens

The Attico's fashion philosophy is summed up by its founding duo as "modern vintage": a melding of nostalgic glamour and contemporary finesse. Explore its world of pumped-up heels, geometric details and teasing silhouettes, and you may just hear the distant sound of a disco beat.

We welcomed The Attico to Selfridges soon after the brand launched in 2016, and it didn't take us long to pick out a few favourites. Its distinctive jeans, for instance, are made of 100% cotton and cut so that they seem to go on forever. The Attico dresses, too, are reliably ravishing. You'll spot styles that hug the figure and sport slinky cut-outs, as well as those that reframe the LBD as a standard of sophistication – part tuxedo, part nightclub necessity. The brand has swathes of accessories as well, such as leather bags with angular embellishments and skinny belts with mirror-clear polished hardware.

When it comes to styling, we recommend that you treat The Attico as if you've unlocked a majestic dressing-up box. Mix and match bags and footwear like you're going on the night out of your life, or let the label's Milanese spirit speak for itself by pairing a black dress with a little silver jewellery.

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