It’s playtime! With its colourful wooden jigsaws and illustrated activities, Orchard Toys is a firm family favourite. Start a numbers card game to help kids learn to count – or spot different animals together in a farmyard jigsaw puzzle. This brand is all about making learning fun.

The company began by making blocks and stencils for a local nursery school. Today, Orchard Toys designs educational puzzles and jigsaws for children of all ages, creating games that are well loved by families and schools across the globe. At the brand's headquarters in Norfolk, the playful design process incorporates children's views and ideas at testing stage. Among our Orchard Toys collection, you’ll find puzzles tailored to developing literacy and numeracy skills as well as pairing and memory activities.

Why not top up the toybox with different games? Choose an activity to teach children shape and colour recognition or try simple lotto puzzles for younger years. Each 'matching' game is designed to help kids recognise similarities and differences, sort by characteristics and remember sequences. Jigsaw puzzles with more detailed illustrations and a greater number of complex pieces are suitable for older age groups. To encourage smaller children to develop hand-eye coordination and observational skills, one with chunky pieces (and handy wipe-clean boards) is a must.

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