As part of our latest campaign The New Order (which explores how the digital revolution is changing the way we live and shop), we’ve brought cult social shopping app Depop to Selfridges. The home of 15 million stylists, designers and vintage sellers, Depop’s users buy and sell the most inspiring and unique items, with new styles going viral months before you see them anywhere else. Both online and in our Women's Designer Studio at Selfridges Oxford Street, London, we'll be hosting different sellers until October, to explore monthly themes and challenge the way we engage with fashion today.

Our brilliant August sellers have stepped aside to make way for this month's fresh round of creatives. Scroll on to find out who they are...



Great style shouldn’t cost the earth – that’s why at Selfridges we’re committed to buying better and inspiring change for a more sustainable planet. This month’s Depop residents feel the same as we do, and they're determined to bring the best (and coolest) pre-loved clothing to your feeds.



Tabitha Darling, the owner of @pink_ink vintage, first started selling clothing on Depop as a way to clear out her wardrobe (and make a bit of extra pocket money). Now, she’s garnered over 37,000 followers, who are all chomping at the bit to purchase her unique selection of quirky pieces.

When did your love of vintage fashion start?

Growing up I was influenced by my mum and auntie, who were fashion designers in the 70s. Instead of shopping in fast-fashion outlets, I found it much more rewarding searching for vintage in charity shops around Belfast, where I was brought up. I loved everything about it – from the process of finding it, to the little imperfections that tell their own stories of the past.

How do you source your pieces?

I try to source my pieces as close to home as possible, cutting down on travel and shipping, and trying to be more environmentally aware when I’m procuring new pieces.

Have you always been passionate about sustainability?

I’ve always been fascinated by nature, but it wasn’t until I pursued a degree at university centred around environmental sustainability that I really began to understand how important it is. I started to realise how everything is connected in this world – every action you have has an effect elsewhere, and whether it’s a negative or positive one is your responsibility.


I feel there is nothing more important right now than being a steward of the planet at such a critical point.

What are your shop’s sustainability priorities?

We only buy pieces that are true vintage and already in circulation, cutting out the need for production. I only ever buy high-quality pieces, reducing the need for customers to buy more clothing.

How do you see the sustainable-fashion industry evolving?

I believe that the sustainable-fashion sector will grow in response to the environmental crisis we’re facing. I feel there is nothing more important right now than being a steward of the planet at such a critical point, and if I have a way to promote a more environmentally conscious way of living through my brand, I will.

What’s your favourite thing about selling on Depop?

I love that it enables me to connect with so many people, while doing something that’s environmentally friendly. If you fall out of love with a piece of clothing, Depop allows you to pass it on to someone who will give it a second life.

What does the Selfridges partnership mean to you?

It’s an amazing opportunity to be selling on Selfridges; it gives me the confidence that the fashion industry is changing, and smaller, more environmentally aware brands are being heard.


Charlotte Coulthard is behind Depop shop @essiistore, which sources standout, one-off vintage pieces.

What prompted you to start selling on Depop?

I’ve always loved vintage fashion. At university I worked as a buyer in a vintage shop, and ever since then I was inspired to work in this industry. When I moved back to Cardiff, I was approached by a vintage wholesaler to start a new Depop platform for them and Essiistore was born. My goal was to create a platform that would motivate people to shop from independent, sustainable brands and demonstrate that you can still look fabulous doing so!

Have you always been passionate about sustainability?

I’ve always been interested in shopping secondhand, but I would definitely say in the past few years my eyes have been opened to the impact of waste and how it effects the world. That’s why it’s so vital that all of this information is at our fingertips so everyone can see what changes they can make to help the environment.


 I love being able to combine my passion for vintage clothing, inspiring people to wear what they want, and also help the planet be more sustainable

What are your shop’s sustainability priorities?

We make sure nothing in our warehouse goes to waste – anything that is damaged is either reworked into another piece of clothing, or is gifted to other companies or charities that upcycle old items of cclothing; plus, all our packaging is biodegradable. We’re constantly looking into ways that we can improve our sustainability practices.

What’s your favourite thing about selling on Depop?

I love being able to combine my passion for vintage clothing, inspiring people to wear what they want, and also help the planet be more sustainable. Depop has created such an amazing community that I’m so proud to be a part of.

How do you see the sustainable fashion industry evolving?

The future is vintage – it’s great to see how many vintage shops are around now, making it so much easier for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why are you excited to be selling on Selfridges?

I hope this really inspires customers to not be scared to buy secondhand; a pre-loved item of clothing can still be an incredible piece for their wardrobe. And, I hope everyone enjoys this collection as much as I did putting it together!

The Depop Space


An IRL version of the app’s digital shopping experience, the Depop Space is located in the Women’s Designer Studio at Selfridges London for the next three months. It showcases three different sellers each week, who will exhibit a curation of key items from their Depop shop – available to buy only at Selfridges. There’s arcade games and a kinetic rail that visitors can control to view the pieces, too – who said shopping for cult collectors’ pieces couldn’t be fun? Check out who you can shop and when below:

29 August–4 September


5–11 September


12–18 September


19–25 September


The Depop Space is also a venue for a calendar of super-cool events, including panel discussions and workshops with the app’s leading sellers. Watch this space for all the latest goings on.

Last month, we caught up with two top Depop sellers who have made their living Depop-ing…

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