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The Selfridges collection of eye palettes has every colour, shade and pigment you could possibly need to create and update your style as you feel - switch up your make-up look every day if that's what you're into! With the help of these gorgeous eye make-up palettes, completing any look with a hint of your own individual style and flair is easy. Choose from subtle and natural palettes, full of warm neutrals and smoky shades, or go for something vibrant and dramatic with bold colour and glamorous shimmer. The choice is yours, but why restrict yourself to one style? Changing it up on a daily basis is always a good idea. Whether you love to create an eye make-up look that's completely your own, or you prefer to play it safe and follow a professional tutorial, you're sure to find an eyeshadow palette (or two!) here that you'll fall in love with. Go wild, because the possibilities are endless.

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60/161 results
60/161 results
MAC: Pro Palette Small Compact