Salvatore Ferragamo Men

You might spot something of old Hollywood in our Salvatore Ferragamo men's selection. The young Ferragamo got his break designing smart-yet-functional footwear for a fledgling film industry. A century or so since, and classic, hardworking style is still central to the label's aesthetic. Discover it for yourself with shoes and accessories, all whipped up with the brand's distinctive Italo-American take.

Leather has long been a Ferragamo signature, and you'll see plenty of it here. There are belts, for instance, that pair subtle texturing with branded buckles made of shiny metal. Many are reversible, allowing versatile styling. Wear yours black side out with your best suits, then flip to the coloured side as the weekend rolls around. Easy.

Salvatore Ferragamo men's silk ties are another long-standing favourite. Choose from a swathe of designs, dressed up in vivid colours and hewn from pure silk. Some are playful, and others sport subtle patterns. All are imbued with the brand's hallmark craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It's these qualities, more than anything, that define Salvatore Ferragamo men's accessories. Every piece is designed to combine form and function in flawless, two-part harmony. As the man himself said: "Elegance and comfort are not incompatible." We couldn't agree more.

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13/13 results