Yinka Ilori

Yinka Ilori is a designer, a studio, a label and a philosophy. What unites all these elements is an obsession with vibrant hues and a desire to add delight to the everyday. The London-based brand has been providing us with playful furniture and colourful homeware since 2011. Browse the collection and select your newest home decor that's sure to brighten up your rooms and elicit a smile or two.

Explore our selection of dinnerware, ornaments and accessories, all embellished with those famous Yinka Ilori patterns. You'll see them on stoneware plates, for instance, bolstered by a shimmering glaze, and on bowls, where lively shapes pop against pastel interiors. All are designed to be mixed and matched to make an eclectic customised set. Emphasis on the "mixed" – since, with Yinka Ilori, the joy is in the jumble.

Away from the table, you'll spot comfy cushions made of durable jacquard cotton. Here, the motifs are woven into the very fabric itself, giving them a rich, textured quality. You might see vivid stools, too, which are almost architectural in their simplicity. Let bold cotton socks capture your interest so you can take a little of that Ilori charm with you as you roam.

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