We're putting the love back into pre-loved with our pioneering new shopping destination

Things are a-changing here at Selfridges (if the giant ‘Let’s change the way we shop’ sign across the outside of our London store wasn’t a big enough of a clue), and, with it, comes RESELFRIDGES, our pioneering new pre-loved shopping initiative. As we continue to explore a more sustainable way forward for retail as part of Project Earth, RESELFRIDGES is our way of showcasing the brilliance of pre-loved, archive and vintage pieces and giving you more planet-friendly ways to shop as we close the loop on waste. Some of our favourite expert vendors have taken up residency in The Corner Shop at Selfridges London as part RESELFRIDGES, while on you can shop our Selfridges-curated collection of pre-loved pieces (and for UK and EU customers, sell your own). So, read on to meet our Corner Shop resellers, shop our very own pre-loved collections (including limited-edition designer pieces), sell your own accessories, and join us as we explore an exciting new direction for retail.

Please note: the selling service is currently only available to customers in the UK and specific European countries. See our FAQS for more details.


We’ve teamed up with a host of expert pre-loved vendors who have been busy unpacking their carefully curated selection of fashion and accessories at the Selfridges Corner Shop. Get to know them – and what they’ll be selling – below, and discover more about our very own pre-loved collection, RESELFRIDGES…  

This week, in the RESELFRIDGES Corner Shop, you’ll find:


Founder Holly Watkins

How would you describe your shop?

At One Scoop Store, I aim to curate a beautiful, wearable collection of designer and contemporary pieces alongside true vintage styles. The aesthetic is not purely trend-led but focuses on wearability to ensure each piece stands the test of time and slips seamlessly into any wardrobe.

What do you love about vintage fashion?

I grew up going to jumble sales as a child and loved the thrill of finding something different with some history to it and for an affordable price. I’ve been buying and selling since I was 14 years old (it all started with a 20p sheepskin coat in 1995!) and I still get that same thrill today.

What does our RESELFRIDGES initiative mean to you?

I’m so happy Selfridges is helping to promote the benefits of buying pre-loved to a wider audience. I’ve seen attitudes change dramatically over the years, but now is the most exciting and encouraging time to be selling second-hand clothing. To see the best department store in the world showcasing my products alongside other fantastic vintage sellers is by far the highlight of running my own business so far!


Founder Ruth Vout

How would you describe your shop?

Vout Vintage is all about curated and wearable vintage womenswear. Our pieces, which are hand-picked by myself, are unique and beautifully made yet affordable. 

What draws your eye when you’re sourcing pieces?

Every season, I create a mood of pieces that I believe my customer will fall in love with. I used to work as a fashion designer, so I understand a perfect cut and fabric, ensuring the piece will last forever. I source anywhere and everywhere; from Parisian flea markets to home sales and vintage dealers that I know from working in the fashion industry for over 20 years. I also believe in supporting charity shops when I can.

What do you love about pre-loved fashion?

I love the story and history. I once bought a collection from a Parisian lady called Eugette in Bognor Regis who was selling all her clothes. It was amazing to go through the decades, from the 50s to the 90s. She cared so much for all her pieces and kept them carefully stored. We can all learn from her, I think. 

What does RESELFRIDGES mean to you?

I am so excited to be selected as a seller for RESELFRIDGES! Vintage and pre-loved are rightfully taking over from high-street brands as customers are becoming more eco-conscious. After working in fashion as a designer for over 20 years, I became frustrated with unethical and unsustainable brands and fast fashion. I’m a small start-up, and this collaboration with Selfridges is such a huge support, helping me on my journey to grow my brand.


Founder Josh Eyitayo

How would you describe Thrifty Towel?

Thrifty Towel is an online sustainable vintage fashion brand offering a curated edit of high-end fashion, streetwear and iconic sportswear.

How do you source your pieces?

Thrifty Towel pieces are sourced through a wide range of channels that have grown and developed over time. My base starting point was hand-picking from secondhand stores, car boots and kilo sales. I focus not only on the quality and design, but also the materials, embroidery and general aesthetics. Some pieces just call out to me.

What do you love about vintage fashion?

Vintage fashion is providing a platform for people to express themselves creatively, from modelling, photography and hosting and being part of events. It empowers people to take creative control of their style. My love for vintage and archive fashion started in my mid-teens and over the last 10 years the love for finding that one-off piece has grown.

What does RESELFRIDGES mean to you?

RESELFRIDGES not only highlights the ability of an item to be timeless, but also enables and empowers the consumer to buy high-quality pre-loved items in store and online and it keeps fashion circular.


Founder Natasha Advani

How would you describe your shop?

NOT/APPLICABLE is a curated selection of rare vintage T-shirts and sweatshirts of music tour merchandise and merchandise commemorating popular culture events from the 80s, 90s and early 00s, sourced across the USA. 

What draws your eye when sourcing your pieces?

I have a network of reputable vintage dealers across the USA, and I also make trades and swaps with them. I also attend different flea markets across California and recycling warehouses. There is a huge pool of vintage out here, and everyone is looking for something different. 

What do you love about pre-loved fashion?

I found a love of vintage when I moved to L.A. My background is in buying in luxury fashion, but I would spend weekends attending different flea markets and vintage stores across California. I spent months searching and researching the history of vintage clothing from 1950s, Rockabilly, Californian surf and streetwear culture. I gravitate towards music tour T-shirts from the 80s, 90s and early 00s because that was the era I grew up [in] and listened to. The graphics were unique, and they inspired streetwear and music merchandise for artists today.

What does our RESELFRIDGES initiative mean to you?

I hope this initiative allows consumers to feel inspired and appreciate a rare collection of pre-loved history that has proved the test of time and inspired designers today. Owning a rare piece of vintage is just as valuable (if not more) than current season collections, as it is vastly limited in quantity.


There is something hugely exciting about pre-loved items, and RESELFRIDGES is a way of opening the door to people who maybe wouldn’t have found themselves shopping pre-loved otherwise.

– Sebastian Manes, Selfridges Buying and Merchandising Director


Co-founder Milo Harley

How would you describe Dukes Cupboard?

Our shop in Soho has a selection of hand-picked vintage pieces that we’ve sourced globally. We put a lot of thought into each item, and we never buy wholesale. The shop is full of pieces you’re not going to find anywhere else.

What do you love about vintage fashion?

We’re attracted to the nostalgia of the vintage clothing we sell and the influence these pieces have on the new collections coming out today. A lot of the relevant streetwear brands today draw inspiration from the types of vintage pieces we sell at Dukes Cupboard.

What does RESELFRIDGES mean to you?

We’re really happy to be a part of the RESELFRIDGES project, and it’s great to see big companies like Selfridges promoting sustainable fashion and doing their part to help the environment. It’s a great step in the right direction, and we feel proud to be a part of it.


Founder Lucy Helps

How would you describe Queen Of Shebay?

One-off designer archive pieces from worldwide brands. You’re unlikely to see anyone else wearing the same thing!

How do you source your pieces?

I specialise in sourcing for individual clients worldwide. My clients tend to share my love of the unusual, and i constantly have my eyes open for fabulous things, wherever i am in the world. I could be in a boutique, a charity shop or online.

What do you love about pre-loved fashion?

I love that you can add just one pre-loved piece to an otherwise simple look; it could be a statement necklace or some fabulous ott shoes, and the outfit will instantly portray your own individual style.

What does RESELFRIDGES mean to you?

For me, investing in quality archive pieces has to be the way forward. Not only for the environment, but also to show your own unique style. On a personal level, for me to be offered this opportunity by selfridges is just incredible and shows such great support for small businesses, especially at this difficult time.


Founder Otee Thomas

How would you describe Fifty Foot Drop?

We focus on reworking vintage streetwear by using sustainable and bold application techniques. All our items are one of a kind, and hours of passion and skill goes into every piece. We’re inspired by hip-hop, jazz and soul artists, plus many other iconic memories of that era including 90s films and culture.

How do you source your pieces?

All the clothing I use for my canvases are unbranded vintage items, typically from the 80s and 90s. These are all meticulously sourced from charity shops, vintage fairs, clothing banks and unwanted wardrobes. The majority of my items are detailed jackets, because they hold more of a statement value and you can really go to town on the reworking process. I also pay attention to the fabric and build of the jackets, typically choosing chunky silhouettes that represent the style of 90s street culture.

What do you love about archive fashion?

The main thing I love about the particular vintage I use is the build quality and the variety of fits. They just don’t make clothing like they used to! I also find that these styles were never mass produced and there’s usually only one or two of these items out in circulation. I’m fascinated by the craftsmanship and detailing; these were items of clothing that were built to last. These items have seen decades of history, and it’s amazing that they can still be worn as if they were made yesterday without falling apart. Vintage items really tell a story, which is why I choose them as my canvas for reworking, and then I add my own little twist of script to the tale.

What does our RESELFRIDGES mean to you?

One of the most rewarding parts of doing what I do is seeing the huge smiles and the comments when people experience my work in the flesh. A lot of my customers say that once they put on my pieces they feel a certain way, they feel special. RESELFRIDGES is a chance for me to provide that experience to a much larger audience and further address the need to support small sustainable, independent businesses.


Joining our RESELFRIDGES vendors, our brilliant Bay Garnett x Oxfam pop-up can now also be found in our Corner Shop space. Curated by Stylist and ‘Queen of Thrift’ Bay Garnett to encourage us all to avoid buying new clothing where we can, you’ll find an expertly curated collection of brilliant – and chic– pre-loved pieces. “I have a real passion for clothing that isn’t new,” Bay told us. “It’s amazing to find original pieces, and I love that I don’t care about trends.”

Find out more about the Bay Garnett x Oxfam collaboration below.

More on Selfridges’ own pre-loved label:


With Selfridges Buying Manager Josie Gardner

What’s the story behind Selfridges’ own pre-loved collection?

In 2020 customers have become a lot savvier and are shopping with different expectations. Before, when it came to bags for instance, it was often enough to simply have the same bag as your peers; now, an ‘it’ bag now needs to evoke meaning, or a memory, be pre-loved, made from responsibly sourced material or be limited edition.

Tell us about what we can expect to find…

Within the edit we have included limited-edition pieces – for example, the saddle bag from Dior – collectables like Hermés scarves, and forever icons, such as the bazaar tote from Demna Gvasalia’s first collection for Balenciaga, and a bag from Fendi’s iconic collaboration with Fila.

What does RESELFRIDGES mean to you?

The curation of RESLLFRIDGES has been a very special project. Pre-loved items have their own story and quirks. In fashion, trends have always been recycled, and now we’re closing the loop with retail too.


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