Stop the press: Depop has arrived at Selfridges. With a community of over 15 million stylists, designers, artists, collectors, vintage sellers and sneakerheads, the cult social shopping app has kick-started a new generation of fashion entrepreneurs and creatives who buy and sell the most inspiring and unique things in the world. It’s a platform where you can see what’s bubbling up in fashion, with new styles often appearing on Depop months before they go viral on your Insta feed.

The launch of Depop at Selfridges is part of our latest campaign, The New Order, which explores what shopping and style might look like in the not-so-distant future. Both on and in our Women’s Designer Studio at Selfridges London (more on that later), the boundary-breaking three-month residency brings the vision of Depop’s fashion revolutionaries to life. From August through to the end of October, we’ll be hosting different sellers, both online and in store, to explore monthly themes and, ultimately, the specific ways in which Depop is changing the way we engage with fashion and culture. So, without further ado…


Depop has created a new era of Gen-Z entrepreneurs, where selling old clothes and vintage garments from your bedroom can lead to starting up your own brand, fame on YouTube and Instagram, and some serious mega bucks. Here, we talk to the two top Depop sellers who have made their living from Depop-ing (yes, that is a real word). Oh, and you can buy key pieces from their collections exclusively on



Jon-Joe Rogers is behind @americanmadness, a Depop shop specialising in vintage clothing made in the USA. He has over 60,000 followers on Depop and also has a store in Belfast – a re-launch of the iconic store his father established in 1981.

How did your Depop journey begin?

I was bored at university and was looking for something extra to do. I would go down to the local vintage store in Burlington, Vermont, buy stuff and then put it on Depop for a few quid more. It quickly became quite addictive…

Three years on, how do you source your pieces now?

Every couple of months, I fly out to America and meet with my network of suppliers – this includes vintage wholesalers, rag houses and private dealers. After I inspect the quality of every single piece, I ship them back to Belfast. This is my favourite part of the whole process: you never know what you’re going to find!

When did you realise this could be your full-time job?

When I started getting return customers it was a big turning point for the business. On Depop, there may be a handful of sellers selling pieces similar to mine, but I always make sure customer service is a priority, and, as a result, people are happy to come back for more. Sales started growing naturally, and, before I knew it, I was working on it full-time.

We now employ three people and are rapidly expanding both online and in our Belfast store. Without Depop, none of that would have been possible    

Your top three tips for Depop success?

Remember your customers are people, upload frequently, and lighting is more important than your camera.

How has Depop changed your life?

Depop provided the platform for American Madness to quickly establish itself, and, therefore, allowed me to do something I love full-time. I couldn’t really ask for much more than that! We now employ three people and are rapidly expanding both online and in our Belfast store. Without Depop, none of that would have been possible.

What does Depop at Selfridges mean to you?

It’s very interesting to be working with Selfridges as it’s a company I never thought I would get the opportunity to partner with. I think it’s a big step – not only for my business, but vintage clothing in general. People are starting to realise the environmental benefits of shopping vintage and the previous stigma around the industry is all but gone. I hope American Madness can convert some of Selfridges’ customers who would never consider buying vintage into doing so. That would make me incredibly happy.


Rachael Cook started @serotoninvtg in 2016, selling vintage designer pieces from labels such as Chanel, Dior and Burberry. A vintage designer menswear shop, @194local, soon followed. She has a combined following of over 75,000 on Depop and a store on Brick Lane – London’s vintage mecca.

When did the Depop dream start?

I found Depop years ago and from the get-go I had so much fun with the whole process. I grew up around vintage, so for me it was a natural step to start curating my own store. Depop gave me a platform to do that, and my success on the app eventually led to me opening the bricks-and-mortar retail space on Brick Lane.

How do you source your pieces?

I have built relationships with people from all walks of life who collect designer vintage – often they’d rather see the items end up in a store that really cares about the items rather than just sticking them on eBay themselves. It’s easy to start a vintage store, but not one that really has an impact. I feel lucky to have met so many great people who truly care about these clothes and are happy to bring their old pieces into the store, trading stories about their history.

What does Depop success mean to you?

Obviously, you could look at how many followers you have or how many items you sell in a day, but for me it was more personal. We would have multiple people a day coming into the Brick Lane store, saying they have followed us on Depop for ages. I think that is when it really sank in. When people are driving from Glasgow just to come shop with you, then I guess you’re doing okay!


I have watched a truly authentic culture build around the app over the last couple of years – it’s grown to something far bigger than just buying and selling clothes.

Tell us about life before Depop…

Before I started selling vintage on Depop and opened my physical store, I was a stylist. I loved putting outfits together and styling people a certain way, and that just naturally transitioned into me having a whole store full of these pieces that people can come and buy. I’m not in the store as much as I used to be as I’m focusing on buying; however I’d be happy to put together a cute look for you if you catch me in there!

What’s your favourite thing about selling on Depop?

I have watched a truly authentic culture build around the app over the past couple of years – it’s grown into something far bigger than just buying and selling clothes. I think other selling apps can leave you feeling quite disconnected and cold at times. Depop has life to it and feels a little more personal.

Your top three tips for Depop success?

The most important thing is definitely having your own voice. There are so many sellers out there, it can be quite overwhelming to try and make your mark. If you’re truly passionate and have a more refined vision of what you want to sell, then things will go well – no one wants to trawl through 200 items a day on your page to find one they like. And don’t overthink it. You can sell loads of stuff just shooting with your friends on a phone; you don’t need to rush out and spend thousands on equipment. Make sure you start with a good name, good branding and good curation. The rest will come naturally.

What does Depop at Selfridges mean to you?

The Selfridges team have great taste and you know that whatever they do it will be done to perfection. I can’t wait to see all the gems that the other traders are offering, too. Customers are going to be spoilt for choice!

The Depop Space


An IRL version of the app’s digital shopping experience, the Depop Space is located in the Women’s Designer Studio at Selfridges London for the next three months. It showcases three different sellers each week, who will exhibit a curation of key items from their Depop shop – available to buy only at Selfridges. There’s arcade games and a kinetic rail that visitors can control to view the pieces, too – who said shopping for cult collectors’ pieces couldn’t be fun? Check out who you can shop and when below:

1–7 August


8–14 August


15–21 August


22–28 August


The Depop Space is also a venue for a calendar of super-cool events, including panel discussions and workshops with the app’s leading sellers. Watch this space for all the latest goings on.

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