Selfridges Hot Air presents:
SELF-Sustainable Podcast Series

Let's be honest, we all care about the world around us, but can't help enjoying the finer things in life too, and sometimes it's difficult to believe those two things can even work together.
In this new Selfridges Hot Air series, we join Jasmine Hemsley as she navigates the emerging line where luxury and sustainability meet. From fashion and beauty to food and travel, we'll be going on a journey to discover how we can all have our sustainable cake and really enjoy eating it too. Discover more ways in which Selfridges is buying better and inspiring change here.


Episode 4: 'Beauty'

In this episode we give ourselves a sustainable makeover, as we hold up a mirror up to the world of beauty. From the soap we wash with every morning to the mascara we wear on our wedding day, we explore what products we can use to keep both ourselves and the planet looking beautiful.


Episode 3: 'Travel'

In this episode we take a trip around the world of sustainable travel, asking the all-important question; how do we enjoy seeing our planet without endangering it? From what we put in our suitcases to where we go (and everything in between), we see how far sustainability can really take us.


Episode 2: 'Food'

In this episode we explore the question on everyone’s lips: how do we enjoy the food we love whilst still putting our planet first? From provenance to food waste, Jasmine Hemsley looks at the challenges facing today’s food industry exploring how to satisfy our cravings in the most sustainable way. With a little help from Selfridges' top chefs and food experts, Jasmine rolls up her sleeves in a bid to make the most sustainable cookies around.


Episode 1: 'Fashion'

In this episode of SELF-Sustainable, we attempt to iron out the creases between the world of fashion and sustainability. From first stitch to the clothes we ditch; Jasmine Hemsley speaks with experts, manufacturers and designers doing their part in helping us address the skeletons in all of our closets.

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