The greatest cover-ups

We’re over the moon at this season’s influx of wardrobe-defining new coats. Here’s why…

Acne Studios - shearling aviator coat (coming soon) / Balenciaga - cable-knit wool jumper / Phine Jewellery - oval spike earrings

What’s new in the world of coats this season? Admittedly, there’s no reinventing the wheel when it comes to a good coat, but look a little bit closer (and by that, we mean scroll down this very page, where we’ve curated the best of the best) and you’ll see exactly why we’re jumping at the chance to throw one on right now. When they look this good, we don’t want to be wearing anything else.

Layering up against the elements when the temperature drops goes without saying. But a coat shields against the cold in a way that feels all the more relevant in the midst of a tough political and social climate. Supersized, armour-like metallic puffer jackets certainly make us feel more protected (if not raising a disarming smile from every passerby), while a heavy-duty woollen coat – like this angsty red one from Balenciaga (see below) – can be swaddled and wrapped up to the chin, making it our kind of (luxuriously made and grown-up) safety blanket.

Khrisjoy -  metallic puffer coat (coming soon) / Proenza Schouler - hiking boots

What’s more, this season's coats exude fun, colour and sheer joy, which has us very excited for the chillier months ahead. From acid-bright, Peruvian-style stripes by Angel Chen, to bold leopard spots courtesy of brand du jour Bottega Veneta, plus a good dollop of nostalgic brilliance thrown into the mix thanks to NDuo’s floral-printed padded coat (which we’ll be wearing over the top of a girly tulle dress, for extra ’90s realness) – we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to jump-for-joy coats this season. Lucky, lucky us.

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