Ever since founders James Park and Eric Friedman launched their digital healthcare company in 2007, Fitbit has become the first word in wearable fitness trackers. The watches were first famed for their ability to motivate you to hit the 10,000-steps goal. Today, they offer invaluable extras, from cardiac monitoring to stress management and tap-to-pay tech, all designed to guide you towards your full potential.

There's more to wellness than steps and calories, of course. Now backed by Google's artificial intelligence, the Fitbit offers empowerment through visual data, plus inspiration and guidance to support your personal health goals. Whether you're chasing a lower resting heart rate or the benefits of deeper sleep, Fitbit trackers are designed to help you create healthier habits. Wake up feeling better rested with a gentle vibrating alarm and track your improvement with daily sleep scores sent to your phone.

You can get real-time speed and distance reports while exercising outdoors, and see a map of your achievements when you get home. The latest Fitbit watches are so clever, they'll even track your skin temperature and blood oxygen levels automatically, and alert you to any trends that might reflect hormonal changes or potential signs of illness. You can even generate a report to share with your doctor if needed. How's that for living in the future?

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