You may have heard of collagen before, but what exactly is it? Collagen is a protein that is found in the skin, bones and connective tissue. It is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body and plays a vital role in our skin’s health. Taking collagen supplements has been shown to improve skin elasticity, hydration and plumpness. And that’s not all: it can also help to strengthen bones and joints as well as improve gut health.

In our collection of collagen health and beauty supplements at Selfridges, you’ll find an array of different options – from collagen powder sachets to pill supplements. Sachets offer a convenient option to fit into your breakfast routine: simply mix the powder in a drink – such as coffee, tea, juice, water or a smoothie – and you’re ready to start your day. For a fruity twist, try flavoured sachets with pineapple, mango or peach.

For a simple alternative, explore our range of collagen supplements. With each capsule’s compact size, they’re easy to take while you’re on the go. Looking for an extra boost? Try collagen supplements with other ingredients for a glowing complexion – such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

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