Scottish Whiskey

There are few drinks more prestigious and rewarding than a good Scotch whisky, and we have some of Scotland's finest tipples in this collection. Whether you prefer malt, grain or blended variants, you can find your ideal taste match here. Each bottle is part of a proud national heritage that you can tap into with every sip.

We stock luxury Scotch whiskies crafted with precision and care by some globally recognised bottlers, as well as niche local distillers with high reputations. Infused with Scottish water, barley and grains, these drinks span the full spectrum of tastes, noses and textures. Treat yourself to the heady opulence of a dessert-like single malt with chocolaty notes, or opt for an invigorating blend bursting with fruity, floral hints. 

Many of the distilleries represented in our range date back over two centuries, and their whiskies also benefit from maturity – enjoy a 12- or 15-year-old Scotch, aged in a used bourbon or a sherry cask for an impeccably complex flavour that you'll want to savour. And if you're looking for a delectable gift, why not pick out a bottle from our whisky collection? Decorative packaging shows that little bit of extra care and attention; a limited-edition Scotch is a desirable item that may be difficult to find elsewhere. 

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60/203 results
60/203 results