The East India Company

The East India Company certainly knows a thing or two about tea, having traded its leaves since the 1600s. Relaunched in 2010 by entrepreneur Sanjiv Mehta, its contemporary take on heritage recipes is reflected in our selection of teas, biscuits and sweet delicacies at Selfridges.

Prepare a revitalising morning pick-me-up that’s just to your taste with The East India Company's teabags. Alternatively, create a sense of ceremony by steeping the brand's loose-leaf tea in a china teapot. Whether you're making a cup for one or catering for a crowd, don't forget to warm the pot first to coax out the best flavour from the leaves. If you feel yourself flagging in the afternoon, a signature bergamot blend is sure to act as a restorative tonic. Pop in a slice of lemon to make the most of the heady scent. 

Can we tempt you with a little something to rest on your saucer or dunk in your cup? The East India Company's chocolate-covered fruits and nuts make thoughtful gifts for tea-lovers and snack-enthusiasts alike, and its range of delicious bakes are the ideal accompaniment to your refreshing cuppa. These quintessentially British biscuits are indulgent store-cupboard stalwarts, ready to lift your spirits when you need a sweet treat.

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