Vivienne Westwood

An undisputed icon of new romantic fashion, Vivienne Westwood has mastered the art of creating provocative pieces with a meaningful message. She teams sleek silhouettes with eye-catching prints, then finishes every item with a hint of her signature rock personality. Our collection of Vivienne Westwood designer fashion incorporates everything from statement bags that add a punch of personality to your day-to-day outfits to jewellery pieces that command attention. Picture vivid tartan and tweed teamed with metal detailing and the brand's recognisable orb motif.

The first chapter of Westwood's story began on the King's Road in 1971. In an era of bohemian fashion, Westwood stood out thanks to her inspiring vision of punk and gender-fluid designs. From corsets to kilts, she experimented with anarchistic influences and secured herself as a cult favourite. She's also known for her trailblazing activism and encouraging mindful consumerism. Expect to see the finest materials across her designs, from pure wool to supple vegan leather. Look out for the Project Earth banner on selected items, demonstrating the brand's dedication to using materials that minimise harm to the planet.

This collection is dotted with bright tartan prints, spray-paint designs and chunky metal detailing, referencing the brand's rebellious roots. So whether you're looking to treat yourself or a loved one to a showstopping piece, our lineup of Vivienne Westwood fashion items is here to inspire you.

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60/123 results