Since its founding in 1884, Bulgari has been blending the classical with the contemporary across a luxurious line of watches, jewellery and accessories. Nourished by deep Roman roots each piece blends daring combinations of colour, precious metals and gemstones inspired from the timeless beauty of Greek and Roman art.

Introducing the Bulgari collections

From the contemporary chic women's LVCEA to the strong and charismatic OCTO, take a closer look at Bulgari's luxury timepieces here.

Bvlgari-wishes full of colour Bvlgari-wishes full
of colour
Bvlgari - Larger than life Bvlgari - Larger
than life
Bulgari Eyes on Me Bulgari Eyes on Me
Bulgari LVCEA Bulgari LVCEA
Bvlagri OCTO Bvlagri OCTO
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