Girls Accessories

Supervise your little one as they browse our accessories for girls because trust us, they're going to want it all. And who wouldn’t? It’s a parade of products tailor-made for toddlers, pre-teens and all the ages in between. Here you’ll find cute caps, snug gloves and charming jewellery.

Swipe through these girls' designer accessories to discover a host of items decorated with signature patterns, iconic logos and big names. There are belts with branded buckles, guaranteed to add extra style credentials to their weekend look. You’ll find premium bags, too, brimming with practical pockets and sporting kid-friendly designer prints. Or go for a swish scarf, and they'll stay cosy and classy on those cold days. Of course, there’s plenty here for everyday accessorising too. Patterned sunglasses that look just as good as adult versions and scrunchies to keep their hair in order can all be found in this selection. We've even got nail polish kits that are suitable for kids three years and up. 

Maybe you’ve started educating them about the environment? If so, you'll want to look out for our Project Earth banner on select kids’ accessories. This is your signal that a product meets our stringent sustainability standards, whether through upcycling, recycling, or low-carbon manufacturing.

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60/248 results
60/248 results