Men's Cufflinks

Our collection of men's cufflinks proves that the devil’s in the detail when it comes to putting together formal attire. Choose silver or gold cufflinks for a classic aesthetic or try enamelled ones for a playful touch. Whimsical creations by the finest contemporary designers may be just right for reflecting your personality. The simplicity of textured square or round pairs is suitable for office meetings or business lunches.

When you're dressed in formalwear, quirky cufflinks can liven up the moment and might even spark a conversation. Colourful designs brighten a traditional white cuff, and the latest motifs keep them relevant. Make a witty reference to your favourite sport or interest – from football to flying, it's easy to find a theme with special significance to you.

Designer cufflinks include the self-referential – if you're a label lover, you'll be drawn to the brand logos incorporated into sleek shapes. For an extra gleam at your wrists, pick out a gold cufflinks set with semi-precious stones such as malachite or tiger's eye – slip them into place and get ready to impress. Cufflinks are an ideal treat for yourself, perhaps to celebrate an achievement (or just because you fancy them). They are superb for gifting others, too; they're compact and personal, and your recipient is sure to wear and appreciate them for years to come.

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60/113 results
60/113 results