No accessory is quite as whimsical and full of warm-weather joy as a beach bag. This handy carryall is a crucial item for holidays. Discover our collection of women's beach bags that perfectly mix practicality and creative design. Expect to find traditional wicker styles that evoke a quintessentially French aesthetic and the iconic Provence basket. Many of these pieces boast details such as lighthearted slogans, gold chains and leather pouches. 

Although there are several different versions of this famed accessory, the core principles remain the same: they must be durable, and roomy enough for sunscreen, water bottle and beach towel – whether it's a day by the sea or a last-minute trip you've got planned. Plenty of these versatile accessories also work for travelling to the office or as an overnight bag. Zipped compartments and pockets help you organise your belongings, and keep everything safe.

Classic beach bag styles come in a variety of shapes as well as neutral and cheery colours. Playful silhouettes make an appearance, too. Look out for branding that comes in the form of logo embossing and printed monikers. With a range of eye-catching materials on offer, including woven straw, raffia and rattan, there's something to suit everyone's taste in our selection of designer beach bags.

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40/40 results