Hair Masks

If you’ve ever wondered how Rapunzel grew her locks to such awe-inducing lengths, our bets would be because she got her hands on a nourishing hair mask. If you’re looking for the happily ever after to your hair fairy-tale, our selection of masks is set to provide the backbone to a new nourished narrative.

No, it’s not folklore; when vitamins blend with hyaluronic acid, it creates hair masks that can repair dry and damaged strands. And if your scalp is dehydrated, our moisture-boosting formulas are the key to unlocking a hydrated, glass-like shine. Splash a drop of our restorative treatments at your roots and let your mane shimmer like languid silk in the sunshine.

But it’s not just hydration our hair masks can impart; they also repair and strengthen. Damaged locks riddled with split ends don’t always need a cut – try our hair repair masks powered by organic ingredients to seal broken cuticles and form a shield over frail follicles. And if time is of the essence, leave-in hair masks are designed to work their magic while you catch forty winks at night – talk about beauty sleep, right?

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60/119 results
60/119 results
MARIA NILA: Pure Volume Masque 50ml
MARIA NILA: True Soft masque 250ml