Keeping your shoes and accessories in top condition is easy with our selection of Collonil leather gels, sprays and creams. The German label takes pride in nurturing expertise, and combines over a century of knowledge with the latest technology and effective raw materials to help protect your leather.
The brand was founded in Berlin in 1909, and quickly built up a reputation for its high-quality leather care. The three founders – Karl Esslen and the Salzenbrodt brothers – started off by making oils and shoe polish. Today, the label has greatly expanded its product range, broadening into other areas such as car interiors with luxury leather conditioners. Collonil is now a name known around the world, with its products sold in more than 80 countries. 

In our Collonil range at Selfridges, look out for leather creams, gels and conditioners to keep your footwear and accessories looking spick and span. Made with formulas containing nourishing oils to restore shine and improve the feel of the material, these products meet high leather preservation demands. Waterproofing gels keep your boots and bags from getting drenched in the rain, while creams help restore the material’s natural appearance. Shop our collection of Collonil products at Selfridges.

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