Discover a true design icon with Crystal Head Vodka. Our collection of high-quality vodka, encased in distinctive skull bottles, offers delicious flavours and blends. The company was established in 2008 by artist John Alexander and actor Dan Aykroyd. Together, the pair prioritised taste and creativity without limits, choosing the skull shape to represent life, power and enlightenment. 

A Crystal Head Vodka bottle makes a statement in your drinks cabinet. Incarnations include the classic original, which is completely transparent to catch the light. In contrast, the iridescent and opaque black designs bring attitude to your interiors. Stock up with a large bottle, or dip your toe in the water with a miniature version, which also makes for an ideal gift. You'll find many of the brand's innovative blends and statement skull bottles readily available in our selection.

When it comes to ingredients, Crystal Head Vodka chooses quality over compromise. All essences are additive-free and carefully sourced, whether that's Canadian corn or English wheat. The result? Clean, smooth vodka. Try the blend with distilled water from Newfoundland, or opt for the Blue Weber agave from Mexico, which gives a nuanced taste with notes of citrus and pepper. Savour it neat, over ice or in a cocktail.

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