Fable & Mane

With a rich heritage of traditional Indian hair oiling behind its two founders, you can rest assured Fable & Mane knows a thing or two about caring for your tresses. First formed as a solution to the lacklustre locks of the co-owning siblings, the brand initially curated a collection of plant-based blends designed to be massaged into the scalp as part of a daily or weekly ritual. These oils worked to not only nourish strands but also reignite confidence and recentre your core.

But after delving further into the depths of their ancestor’s knowledge, the brother and sister duo uncovered an extensive line-up of potions and treatments that work in harmony to strengthen, repair, hydrate, and destress all hair types. From vegan conditioners to shampoos and masks, our Fable & Mane selection boasts a cohort of vegan hair products that will leave you shining from the tip of your head to the centre of your soul.

Harnessing the power of Indian plants and fruits, the haircare expert formulates potent scalp scrubs, clarifying masks, and soothing serums to soften follicles, protect against breakage, and unclog pores. Whether your head is full of dry strands or locks that lack volume, you can quench its thirst or satiate its hunger with a Fable & Mane treatment.

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