We have marvellous machinery that does more than just toast up sliced bread. Within our collection of toasters, you'll also find architectural designs that look eye-catching on your kitchen surface (along with your Bugatti kettle). Meanwhile, our classic iterations will stand the test of time.

For compact kitchens, opt for a sleek two-slice toaster that will sit neatly on your counter – and perhaps add a pop of colour if you're feeling daring. You can choose from contemporary copper- or gold-toned designs, as well as retro shapes in a variety of pastel hues. Extra-practical four-slot toasters are ideal for families or bigger households, although they also often allow the option to heat just two of the slots. 

Look out for useful functions such as defrosting settings for frozen bread, and sandwich racks to facilitate making flawless grilled cheeses. Some of the toasters in our selection come with extra-large slots – ideal if you have an affinity for homemade sourdough or thick-crust bread. Items such as non-slip feet and crumb trays may seem small, but each contributes to less clean-up and a tidier, more effective kitchen overall. Boost your breakfast experience and find a new smart toaster from our premium selection.

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28/28 results