Mancera Beauty

Pierre and Amélie Montale, the father-daughter duo behind Paris perfumery Mancera, are two halves of a creative whole. Him: a seasoned traveller with a wealth of industry know-how. Her: a visionary with a curious mind. The result: a range of meticulously crafted perfumes that are at once innovative and timeless.

Many core Mancera fragrances are heavily inspired by journeys to the East, with compelling spices and delicate florals driving their olfactory profiles. Unexpected blends are a brand hallmark. Rose may be paired with saffron, or violet with clove; every combination is carefully balanced to create a well-rounded yet distinctive palette.

For everyday use, lightweight scents with zingy citrus notes are indulgent pick-me-ups – ideal for brightening up a day at the office. Special occasions call for something more sensual; try oud, a warming yet mellow ingredient. If you’re choosing a gift but aren’t sure where to start, we recommend looking for classic options like vanilla and musk.

Whichever Mancera perfume you choose, you’ll find each scent encased in a striking glass flask that recalls the unbridled hedonism of the 1920s. Look out for Art Deco design flourishes such as bevelled caps and rich gold detailing that will add an air of decadence to your nightstand.

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35/35 results
35/35 results
MANCERA: Roses Vanille eau de parfum
MANCERA: Aoud Vanille eau de parfum
MANCERA: Aoud Violet eau de parfum