Ortigia Sicilia is as opulent as it looks. Founded in Sicily by entrepreneur Sue Townsend, the Italian brand was launched in 2006 and is named after the small island of Ortigia – the historical centre of Syracuse. Its soaps and fragrances are made by family businesses, renowned for their use of natural ingredients and animal-friendly ethics. 

Inspired by the vibrant colours and aesthetics of the region, the label encapsulates Sicilian aromas through citrus odours such as orange flower. It fuses these fruity smells with ancient scents like amber resin to create powerful concoctions that will transform any interior space. Find a bold series of room fragrances and hand creams in our collection, all presented in decorative packaging designed by the founder herself.

Our range contains Ortigia Sicilia perfumes distilled from aromatic plants by esteemed perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi. Each paraben-free scent is as hypnotic as the next, with notes ranging from wild iris and narcissus to neroli and musky wood. Longing for an ultra-tantalising aroma? Turn to our scented candles and crystals infused with the brand’s eau de parfums. For a lavish present, Ortigia Sicilia gift sets are a thoughtful choice – they mix softening bath salts with deliciously fragrant home accessories.

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19/19 results