Samuel Groves

If you bake or cook, or even simply set foot in your kitchen from time to time, you need to be acquainted with Samuel Groves. The brand started in 1817 and began crafting kitchenware at roughly the same time the lightbulb was invented. It knows a thing or two about making sturdy, reliable cooking equipment. The fact that its products happen to look rather fetching too, well that's a welcome bonus.

The company is well known for its trays, so let's start here. Samuel Groves specialises in anodised aluminium bakeware, which sees the lightweight metal treated with a special strength-enhancing coating. Aluminium conducts heat fast, so finger foods get extra crispy and cakes come out with defined, easy-to-decorate edges. Look out for baking trays, loaf tins and tart pans made of this material.

Samuel Groves cookware is equally renowned. The brand manufactures all its kitchen saucepans in its own Birmingham factory, so quality is a given. Expect to see pieces coated with copper (for better heat transfer and corrosion resistance), plus cast iron options that are as sturdy as a blacksmith's anvil. Many items are suitable for induction stoves, so you can enjoy classic craftsmanship with the latest kitchen tech.

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