Ignite your child's curiosity for nature and the animal kingdom with Schleich figurines. Our collection includes Schleich farm animals and playsets that will help them learn through their existing environment as well as imaginary lands. These sturdy toys have delicate, realistic details so your child can learn about animals while giving them their own stories.

German founder Friedrich Schleich created the brand in 1946 with a selection of velvet-covered wire and wooden dolls. Today, the label produces expertly moulded, hand-painted miniature models occupying six play worlds (such as Horse Club, Farm World and the magical realm of bayala®) to entertain and educate. As well as livestock, pets and magical creatures, our selection of Schleich figurines pays homage to wildlife. From giraffes and elephants to lions and dinosaurs, you can expect a wide variety of animals both present and past. Collect them all for your child's own personal menagerie. Of course, the figures are safe for children to use and are resistant to scratches and saliva for extra durability.

Do your kids love role-playing? Let them explore different characters and environments with Schleich vet, horse riding and fairy playsets. These sets provide everything your child will need – such as buildings, furnishings, vehicles and tools – to play out a wide range of scenarios and fully immerse themselves in another world.

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49/49 results