Science & Play kids' games are one of the best ways to get children engaged in science, technology, engineering and maths concepts. Our collection of games combine physical components with digital learning tools that allow children to explore the world of science and technology in a fun, engaging way – capturing your child's attention while also promoting hands-on scientific inquiry.

Science & Play games are colourfully designed with a focus on exploration, creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills. Our collection of games provides plenty of opportunities for parents and caregivers to engage with their child’s learning process, helping them progress faster – whether that’s encouraging imaginative play or asking questions throughout the game. Each game or experiment kit is designed to help introduce kids of all ages to scientific concepts across physics, biology, chemistry and astronomy.

From jewellery experiment kits to precious stones and crystal sets, each toy provides an enhanced interactive experience for an interested learner. Fun and informative tutorials provide helpful tips for children, who can use them to solve puzzles or even build their own contraptions. Microscope and slide kits are perfect for kids interested in nature, while activity kits packed with animal facts and games are ideal gifts for animal-lovers.

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