A heritage brand based in Cattolica, Italy, and cultivated by three generations of experienced perfumers, Tiziana Terenzi is anything but traditional in its methods. Famed in the industry for a unique 'spiral' scent construction, these perfumes gently reveal their complexity over a lasting period of time. 

Sensory treats in more ways than one, Tiziana Terenzi Extrait de Parfums are as complex and imaginative as they are aesthetically pleasing. So much so it would be a sin to leave them languishing inside a drawer. Tiziana Terenzi bottles are crafted in Italy, capturing each aroma in vessels of bright gold, jewel colours and matte monochromes. Original touches such as hand-blown glass, wooden caps and hand-sewn leather inserts are all garnered from areas local to the scent-makers. Explore the brand's opulent limited-edition collections, housed in crystal bottles with 24-karat gold finishes.

With a focus on high concentrations of sustainably sourced natural ingredients (from natural Oud to white Amber) Tiziana Terenzi perfumes are bolder and more enduring than the average scent. Featuring an abundance of notes found in far-flung locations around the globe, these fragrances are designed to evoke memories, provoke emotion and transport the soul. Discover our collection of uniquely multi-layered products by Tiziana Terenzi in our online shop.

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23/23 results