Explore our selection of dates and date products from Bateel – a brand that employs mindful farming techniques to produce its gourmet range of organic goods. The Dubai-based brand began cultivating land in 1936 and, in 1991, opened its first boutique in Riyadh.

In our curation of Bateel dates, you'll findorganically grown fruits harvested using special agricultural methods for the best yields. Think age-old techniques and no chemical intervention. What's more, no bare hands touch the produce until you open up a box and take your pick, enhancing the exclusivity of each treat. The company offers seven different varieties of dates across its range. Look out for assortments that combine flavours,such as those featuring the addition of candied peel or crunchy nuts that are caramelised or roasted.

If you're browsing our Bateel range for a present but can't decide what to choose, we have just the thing for you. Delight discerning connoisseurs – or yourself – with one of our ribbon-wrapped Bateel gift boxes. You can expect classic cartons and ballotins that are just inviting to be unwrapped. Choose from a variety of sizes, from small tokens of appreciation to larger collections that will be enjoyed for weeks or months to come.

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