Agent Provocateur collections are unmistakable thanks to the label's punk heritage and daring, colourful choices. The female-led British brand transformed the landscape of lingerie, combining European lace, intricate embellishments and its signature motifs to develop the iconic form we know today. Rarely satisfied with its evolution to date, it tries to break ground with each new selection, using delicate fabric layering and introducing bold colours like bronze and fuchsia.

As the name suggests, Agent Provocateur lingerie is sensual and seductive, evoking images of catwalk glamour via its risqué shapes and body-hugging cuts. Take the masterfully sculpted satin corset, concealing its hook-and-eye closures to expose only fine lace and gold-toned hardware. The eye is drawn to glimpses of skin in between carefully positioned fastenings.

Discover adventurous animal prints and subtle florals in our range of Agent Provocateur underwear. A classic black bra in a semi-sheer fabric can pair with various bottoms to suit your style – be that high-rise mesh knickers or embroidered open briefs. Add a panelled suspender belt and some champagne stockings to bring it all together. To take the lavish feel of Agent Provocateur to bed, opt for a side-split hem camisole, stretchy silk shorts and a contrast-stitch wrap robe. 

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60/169 results