Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic practices, Aveda has been approaching beauty and hair care with a holistic attitude since 1978. Explore our curated range of cruelty-free and vegan shampoos, conditioners and men's grooming products from the prestigious brand.

Give your daily routine a shake-up with Aveda skin care products. Rid your skin of oily build-up with a botanical cleanser, or explore blends of coconut, babassu and green tea designed to hydrate and nourish. Exfoliating cleansers will remove dead skin cells and have your complexion looking glowy and youthful. Moisturisers help rebalance uneven skin, while face serums calm and firm skin that's prone to flare-ups. For a spa-like experience, treat yourself to an Aveda brand face mask. These oil-free masks will leave you feeling toned and refreshed.

Whether you want to hydrate those split ends or add a bit of body back into your waves, you'll want to incorporate Aveda hair care products into your regime. Colour-preserving shampoos will keep your locks looking vibrant, while volumising shampoos bring bounce and texture. Expect vegan-friendly ingredients, including rosemary, spearmint and Abyssinian oil. If you want to increase your natural shine, opt for a bottle of re-nourishing conditioner. Discover blends that strengthen, de-frizz and restructure, or choose a leave-in conditioner for a finish like you just left the salon.

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60/132 results
60/132 results