Leather Care

Keep your luxury accessories in tip-top condition thanks to our leather care collection. Creams, cleaners and gels enable you to nourish and protect your leather goods, keeping them looking at their best for longer.

Using our leather care products is like giving your clothes and accessories a quick makeover and maintenance session. A traditional leather cream with oils will nourish shoes and bags, keeping them soft and leaving them gleaming. Just massage in with a cloth, dry and then buff for a brilliant shine. Choose a gel to repel dirt as well as water – it'll even help to bring out colours for leather that looks as good as new. Protective sprays help to prevent damage from rain and stains, and you can use them on delicate suede handbags as well as leather trainers and heels. Eco-conscious options include a non-toxic nourisher made with beeswax for a restorative treatment that leaves a protective, water-repellent finish.

A complete shoe care kit comes with everything you need to refresh and revitalise your leather gear. Extended options include fabric care, with brushes and spray to deodorise and protect fabrics. Look out for compact travel kits that'll keep your clothes and footwear looking at their absolute best while you're on the move.

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