Take your taste buds on a journey with our selection of Baijiu, a traditional Chinese spirit taking the drinks world by storm. Baijiu, which is made from whole grains such as millet, sorghum and rice, has garnered legions of fans thanks to its distinctive flavour profile: while specific blends differ, the dominant notes in the drink are savoury, with flavours of rice, soy and botanicals. Enjoy yours neat at room temperature, or with complementary citrus mixers over ice.

In our collection of premium Baijiu, you'll find individual bottles of spirit which have been expertly aged. Choose varieties matured for five years if you like a light and refreshing taste, or others aged up to 30 for a deeper, more intense shot. Alcohol levels tend to vary, landing somewhere between 30% and 60%, and you'll find both mild and strong options in our selection. 

If you're experimenting with Baijiu liquor for the first time, pick up a single bottle from our range. Or, you might choose to stock up on a favourite kind (and enjoy savings in the process), by ordering a case of six. Baijiu also makes a visual statement in your drinks cabinet, housed in patterned and glazed ceramic flasks.

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